Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Evening With Jon (aka 3 Month Anniversary)

I know you're wondering what Jon Stewart has to do with my 3 month heart attack anniversary, but I promise it will make sense by the end of the blog. :)

One of my original bucket list wishes was to go see a taping of "The Daily Show." It's my favorite show and I have stood in will-call a number of times just to be turned away. Someday!  Oddly enough Jon Stewart and I share a birthday, November 28th.  I often feel like we could possibly be soulmates. I even named my stent Stewart. I haven't missed a show...ever. I own all of his books. Am I setting the stage for a decent police report? Much to my surprise, Jon Stewart was scheduled to come to Clearwater this weekend to do 2 shows only. How I didn't know about these shows is beyond me. I have the email list, twitter accounts and the iPhone and iPad apps...ok that's a little out of control. Forget I said that.

StubHub had 4 tickets available this afternoon so I quickly bought the best one I could find and jumped in the car for Clearwater. It wasn't until after I had been driving an hour that I realized that today was April 21st-exactly 3 months from my first heart attack. What better way to celebrate life than crossing something off my bucket list that makes me feel so alive?

The show was amazing! Jon Stewart is one of the smartest, most insightful, hysterical people on the face of the earth. My sides ached by the end. He hit everything from religion, to Bush, to his kids and even cracked on Florida which I loved. My favorite line was, "What kind of state does spring break and also has a law that says you can shoot if you feel threatened?" Plenty of "eh, that's Florida" cracks.

Then towards the end he brought up 9/11. Living a couple of blocks from Ground Zero he painted a bleak picture of the weeks afterwards, which I remember all too well. He said that he often wondered whether the world would go back to color after being in black and white so long, calling it the bleakest of times. I won't tell you the hilarious impetus that helped him through (I'd rather my Grandmother not tell me off) but he realized that "we're gonna be ok." Yeah, I guess I will. Thanks Jon. ♥

On my way to Clearwater
Surrounded by water...ahhhh the beach
Waiting for my dreamboat. Decent seats eh?
THAT'S MY FUTURE HUSBAND! Stupid spotlight.

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  1. Well this wouldn't be the first time I'm crying at my laptop and Thai people are staring at me, and let's face it, it won't be the last, but it's so worth it. Great story. You and Jon were always meant to be. I'm so glad you got to do this today!! Lotsa love Ms. Klena:)

  2. Thanks Chlo. Love you and miss you! xoxo