Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Weekend

First of all, I could not have planned for this weekend to come together like it did, even if I tried. Friday was my maiden voyage on the S.S. No Wires, which went swimingly. I enjoyed not having that blasted heart monitor stuck to my side and the wind in my hair. Ok, so it was the fan on the treadmill, but go with it. It felt good.

Saturday I finally used the voucher I bought online for The Beauty Spot. A massage, facial and pedicure...all mine! Anyone who knows me knows I am not a huge massage fan. But this was lovely. I read online that massage is supposed to help with circulation, and it definitely felt that way. The entire morning was relaxing, rejuvenating and a good deal. Mama loves her a Groupon.

The amazing decor at The Beauty Spot.
Killer light, check.
Why I'd love some water in my adorable pink cup. Thanks for asking. :)
Today was my first day back to yoga after the heart attack. I've been doing yoga for eleven years now. Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty decent at it. I love doing the most challenging poses and pushing my body and mind to the max in class. Yoga has really helped me even out my energy levels, calming my mind and restoring my spirit. It's my solace.

Not today folks. I was tired, winded, frustrated and sweaty. By the time the class ended I had cried three times, gone into child's pose four times and almost walked out twice. I've never worked so hard at yoga in my life. My mind was there, but my body was just not responding. By the time we hit shavasana, I was more corpse-like than usual. I had made it through the 75 minute session, but just barely. 

The first yoga class of the year we had to write down a yoga resolution. You can't see the back (it's personal...don't ask) but ironically I had drawn a heart on it. That first yoga class we meditated with our resolutions under our mat. After class, I put the resolution in my wallet. Today I took it back out and read what I had wrote. Motivational hindsight indeed. It's back in my wallet, ready for the next class. I may not flip my dog anytime soon, but it'll happen. I'll be back. ♥
My mat, my foot and my yoga resolution.

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