Saturday, March 3, 2012

Walks & Other Slow Tales

It has been 35 days since I left the hospital (but who's counting). Although the time seems like it has flown right by, it also feels like my life is in slow motion. Everything has decelerated to a sluggish, deliberate pace. Getting ready for work in the morning, packing my lunch, walking to my classroom and getting ready for the day all seem like I'm in a time warp. Anyone who knows me knows that I like my day at a quick pace. I type fast, drive fast (oops), work fast, talk fast and teach like I'm on fire. But now these activities are painfully slow. Then, there's walking. It's not like before this heart attack I was some road warrior. I am a leisurely runner. I'll never win a race or qualify for the Olympics. But this walking thing is out of control. Right now I'm doing a 17:00 pace for 2 miles every day. That is, when Max doesn't need to stop and pee on every blade of grass in Orange County. I'm trying to walk faster each day but each time I check my app at the end of the walk, my average is still 17:00. It's like my body is fighting me to stay at this pace. It's hard for me to accept that things are going to be sloth-like for awhile, but I'm also thankful that I'm moving at all. Thank goodness for Max who doesn't mind his slow Mama. ♥
Max, wanna go for a walk? :)

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