Friday, March 30, 2012

2 Month Follow-Up

Thursday was my 2 month follow-up with the cardiologist. First, the good news...caffeine, yes. Alcohol, yes. Running as soon as rehab gives me the ok, yes. Yes, yes and yes! Super excited! It's almost like I'm a normal human being! My cocktail of meds will stay the same for now which was kind of a bummer but I can work with that. The only weird thing is that I'm having trouble with my memory and my speech is kinda funky. So I need to have an MRI to make sure the I'm not the scarecrow. *Insert tin man jokes here...too soon?* So that will happen this week along with some bloodwork in the next couple of weeks and then it's back to the cardiologist late April. 

Minus my slurry, occasionally weird speech I'm starting to feel more normal. My mood has started to balance out, my energy level is coming up, and I have way more stamina at cardiac rehab. Things are looking up! Now to finish my coffee. Yay for caffeine. ♥  
Baby's first caffeine.

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  1. Hooray!!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your spring break! :)