Friday, March 30, 2012


Since leaving the hospital I've been thinking about how thankful I am. I'm thankful for a second lease on life, friends that are amazing, and the path that lead me to this point. I'm also super thankful for the staff at ORMC that saved my life. 

I'm also thankful for Linda. Linda was my day nurse for most of my time in the hospital. She is one of the kindest, most insightful people I've ever met. She gave me many words of wisdom and was there when I had my 'trip down memory lane,' or the after shock a few days after the heart attacks. I've been looking for a way to express my appreciation. I wrote the hospital a letter about all of the people that were so helpful, but I wanted to do something for Linda in particular. So today I went back to the hospital to bring Linda a bouquet of flowers and a card. She actually saw me first and gave me a huge hug. It felt so good to see her again and thank her in a better state of mind. Of course I needed a picture of her. I'm surprised a halo didn't materialize above her head. 

P.S. It was incredibly eerie walking into the cardiac department. I definitely had a good cry in the elevator but for a totally different reason than the last time. ♥  
Linda and I standing in front of the sweet mural on the cardiac floor.

2 Month Follow-Up

Thursday was my 2 month follow-up with the cardiologist. First, the good news...caffeine, yes. Alcohol, yes. Running as soon as rehab gives me the ok, yes. Yes, yes and yes! Super excited! It's almost like I'm a normal human being! My cocktail of meds will stay the same for now which was kind of a bummer but I can work with that. The only weird thing is that I'm having trouble with my memory and my speech is kinda funky. So I need to have an MRI to make sure the I'm not the scarecrow. *Insert tin man jokes here...too soon?* So that will happen this week along with some bloodwork in the next couple of weeks and then it's back to the cardiologist late April. 

Minus my slurry, occasionally weird speech I'm starting to feel more normal. My mood has started to balance out, my energy level is coming up, and I have way more stamina at cardiac rehab. Things are looking up! Now to finish my coffee. Yay for caffeine. ♥  
Baby's first caffeine.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Should I be concerned that these are the magazines at my cardiologist's office?
It's like they know my cat is obese!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

2 Months

Today is the 2 month anniversary of my heart stent. Stewart is still hanging in there! What a crazy couple of months. I've learned so much about who I am and what I want from life, as well as who really matters in this crazy world. I have an appointment with the cardiologist on Thursday so I'm hoping I'll get cleared to do a few more things (c'monnnnn running). I am still in cardiac rehab, chugging away. Right now I'm still walking on the treadmill, 4% grade plus bike when I have some more time. I'm walking or doing yoga on the off days and trying to get as much sleep as possible. I'd love to get off of some of these meds but I guess that's up to the doc. This week is spring break so my main focus is resting and relaxing. I hope everyone else is doing the same. ♥

You Can't Make This Stuff Up...I Guess They Won't Need My Comment Card

That's right, the very Solantic that thought I had mono.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Weekend

First of all, I could not have planned for this weekend to come together like it did, even if I tried. Friday was my maiden voyage on the S.S. No Wires, which went swimingly. I enjoyed not having that blasted heart monitor stuck to my side and the wind in my hair. Ok, so it was the fan on the treadmill, but go with it. It felt good.

Saturday I finally used the voucher I bought online for The Beauty Spot. A massage, facial and pedicure...all mine! Anyone who knows me knows I am not a huge massage fan. But this was lovely. I read online that massage is supposed to help with circulation, and it definitely felt that way. The entire morning was relaxing, rejuvenating and a good deal. Mama loves her a Groupon.

The amazing decor at The Beauty Spot.
Killer light, check.
Why I'd love some water in my adorable pink cup. Thanks for asking. :)
Today was my first day back to yoga after the heart attack. I've been doing yoga for eleven years now. Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty decent at it. I love doing the most challenging poses and pushing my body and mind to the max in class. Yoga has really helped me even out my energy levels, calming my mind and restoring my spirit. It's my solace.

Not today folks. I was tired, winded, frustrated and sweaty. By the time the class ended I had cried three times, gone into child's pose four times and almost walked out twice. I've never worked so hard at yoga in my life. My mind was there, but my body was just not responding. By the time we hit shavasana, I was more corpse-like than usual. I had made it through the 75 minute session, but just barely. 

The first yoga class of the year we had to write down a yoga resolution. You can't see the back (it's personal...don't ask) but ironically I had drawn a heart on it. That first yoga class we meditated with our resolutions under our mat. After class, I put the resolution in my wallet. Today I took it back out and read what I had wrote. Motivational hindsight indeed. It's back in my wallet, ready for the next class. I may not flip my dog anytime soon, but it'll happen. I'll be back. ♥
My mat, my foot and my yoga resolution.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been...

So in the wake of the disaster I'm starting to find out all of the weird things I did. Apparently I...

  • paid my cable bill twice
  • checked my days off 
  • got the dog groomed in the middle of my chest pains
  • cleaned the apartment and steam cleaned the carpets
  • donated a random ten bucks to our MS Walk team
Ha, take that Oprah. ♥  

Monday, March 12, 2012


6 sessions of rehab down! Next time I won't have to wear the wires! Yay for 6! :) From here on out I just use the Polartec wrist monitor and chest strap! ♥
Sweaty and red-faced, but excited
Let's hope I never need one of these again!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jealous, Party of 1

Amanda was in NYC recently and took these great pics of hearts for me. Lately I've been a little melancholy and missing NY is definitely part of that.  ♥  

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Walks & Other Slow Tales

It has been 35 days since I left the hospital (but who's counting). Although the time seems like it has flown right by, it also feels like my life is in slow motion. Everything has decelerated to a sluggish, deliberate pace. Getting ready for work in the morning, packing my lunch, walking to my classroom and getting ready for the day all seem like I'm in a time warp. Anyone who knows me knows that I like my day at a quick pace. I type fast, drive fast (oops), work fast, talk fast and teach like I'm on fire. But now these activities are painfully slow. Then, there's walking. It's not like before this heart attack I was some road warrior. I am a leisurely runner. I'll never win a race or qualify for the Olympics. But this walking thing is out of control. Right now I'm doing a 17:00 pace for 2 miles every day. That is, when Max doesn't need to stop and pee on every blade of grass in Orange County. I'm trying to walk faster each day but each time I check my app at the end of the walk, my average is still 17:00. It's like my body is fighting me to stay at this pace. It's hard for me to accept that things are going to be sloth-like for awhile, but I'm also thankful that I'm moving at all. Thank goodness for Max who doesn't mind his slow Mama. ♥
Max, wanna go for a walk? :)