Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm Not Alone

Tonight my friends Diane and Elaine invited me over for dinner to meet their friend Steve. Steve had a heart attack and stent procedure in 2003. Like me, Steve was a runner. Unlike me, Steve did Ultras, Fulls, Tris, and was an all around competitive athlete. It took the doctors MONTHS to figure out what had happened to him. I barely lasted 4 days; I can't imagine months! Steve got a stent in his LAD and refused to stop. He still runs, bikes, and is in fantastic shape. In fact he said running became more enjoyable and meditative after he got back into it and he put less pressure on himself. It took him about 3-4 months to run again. Steve was kind enough to share his fears after his heart attack with me and I started to feel less alone. A good diet, exercise, and less stress are no guarantee that this won't happen. It was a hard realization but it felt cathartic to release some of the guilt and fear I had been holding on to. My life won't end because of this, it will just change. Maybe even change for the better. ♥


  1. Hey Sarah, My name is Mary Rock - I'm Elaine's cousin. The girls came over last weekend and were devastated when they shared your story with my husband Ken and me. Glad to hear you are doing so much better. I wore red yesterday at Shenandoah in solidarity for Go Red for women! thank you for sharing your experience and persevering!

  2. Hi Mary. Thanks so much for reading this! Thank goodness for Elaine and Diane-they have been amazing.