Friday, February 3, 2012

Funny Stories

Because every cloud has a silver lining!
Too many hysterical things also happened while I was at the hospital. Somehow humor always follows me, wherever I go. When you have partners in crime like Jo and Amanda it seems to be even crazier. ♥
A sampling...

  • "I know who broke your heart...Democrat"
  • my bakery referral
  • knocking my pee cup down the toilet and the automatic flusher taking it away-thank you engineering dept
  • "Who are you, her mom?"
  • "Trip down memory lane"
  • the socks
  • heart attack, heart attack = HAHA
  • a certain pair of rubber gloves and a fistful of almonds
  • Jo's "socks"
  • ice cream socials
  • Amanda's outfit so she could stay over the first night 
  • the hat...enough said
  • my son's extracurricular activities while mommy was in the hospital
I'm sure there are many others:) More to follow...
the sign that disturbed us all...don't worry, there are more letters
Ticket to ride baby!
Jo just had to Tebow...with a GA hat on

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